Legal Eagle, Meet your Worldwide Audience!

If you haven’t harnessed the power of podcasting, what are you waiting for? When aligned with your broader marketing strategy, podcasts allow you to engage with many types of stakeholders in a truly meaningful way. If you’ve hesitated to leverage this powerful format due to expenses or time constraints, the Dominate Law Podcast Series has eliminated these and other common barriers to podcasting.

No in-house podcasting “talent”? No problem!

You are the talent. After all, who knows your office, practice area or that special interest quite like you? Plus, podcasts demand authentic voices. The less phony or rehearsed you sound, the better. Dominate Law has also carved out a unique niche in podcasting. Think of the podcast series as the “online” version of standing around the water-cooler with fellow partners or associates at the office or at an industry conference. These are your peers. Everyone is in this together and wants to hear your earnest, approachable self.

No fancy onsite equipment? No worries!

Don’t overthink it. To the uninitiated, podcasting may seem like a daunting task and it is human nature to avoid those tasks. But you’re missing out on a world of opportunity by perceiving podcasts as out of your reach. Thanks to the beauty of the Dominate Law approach and technologies, you don’t need expensive microphones, headphones, or sophisticated recording software. We’ve made the process of podcast development turnkey. Now, practices of all sizes and budgets can realize the benefits of podcasting, which formerly may have been limited to only large organizations with dedicated resources and personnel.

No time? No sweat!

From start to finish, the process is efficient and easy. Contact Dominate Law and we’ll handle it from there. We can even talk through ideas with you. A note on time: One of the most attractive things about podcasting is the capacity to truly grip the listener by the ear. Have you ever found yourself so engrossed in a podcast during a commute that you lingered in your driveway just to finish the episode? You can be the voice everyone is hanging on – and it’s never been easier!


Dominate Law has eliminated all the excuses that may have kept you from dipping your toes into podcasting. Dive in!