A Unique Charity Program by Dominate Law Marketing

A Unique Charity Program by Dominate Law Marketing 2018-11-27T07:26:28+00:00

We Rise by Lifting Others

DominateLaw is as much passionate about giving back to the society as it is about helping transform businesses of its clients. Our CEO, Naren Arulrajah invites you to participate in a unique charity program and make your contribution to building a better world.

  • Make a donation of $100 or more to any charity of your choice, OR to Naren’s favorite charity Sick Kids. Here is the online monetary donation link of the Sick Kids Foundation.
  • Email a copy of your online donation receipt at BrainstormWithNaren@dominatelawmarketing.com

  • Click on this online calendar to book your one-on-one 60-minute ideation session with Naren at a date and time of your convenience.

As a token of appreciation for your participation,

You will have an exclusive opportunity to meet with Naren over a virtual 60-minute one-on-one ideation session.
During this session with you, Naren will share some groundbreaking ideas and concepts, backed by proven tools and actionable strategies, which can help propel your business growth.

Naren’s goal is to make it one of the most profitable 60-minute time investments
that you might ever make.

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