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Naren Arulrajah – Founder & CEO

Naren Arulrajah has a long history of helping professionals thrive With the background in IT and marketing. Naren sets out to try things no one had done before, and to improve upon the ideas and methods of others.

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Michelle David – Product Owner

Michelle David is the Product Owner of Dominate Law. She oversees the development, marketing and customer relations of Dominate Law Marketing and the Dominate Law Podcast…

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Lila Stone: Director – Marketing

Lila began working with Dominate Law & EKWA in 2012…

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Kristann: Director – Customer Relations

Kristann Smith is the Director of Customer Relations at Dominate Law & EKWA…

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Services Teams

Client Services Team

Our client coordinators are focused on the success of individual clients. They focus on growing new clients for the practice by working with all the Marketing Services Teams and be the point-of-contact for our clients.

Practice CMO Team

Practice Chief Marketing Officers (CMO) help clients think about the marketing big picture and stay the course to maximize marketing results with the help of Quarterly CMO Meetings.

Classic SEO Team

Classic SEO Team continually learns about Google’s changing algorithms so our clients continue to stay on top of SEO. They also spend a considerable amount of time studying the competitors of our clients and implementing specific techniques to out-rank the competition for specific keywords over the long-term.

Featured Articles Team

Original and informative content is crucial for SEO. Our featured articles team focuses on publishing content the right way to maximize Google Rankings.

Content Creation Team

Our writers focus on creating articles that support Google Rankings. This team understands clients and their unique needs and preferences.

External Content Marketing Team

Content and links placed strategically on third-party websites play a significant role in improving Search Engine Rankings. This team continually works on how to leverage third-party sites to grow Google Rankings.

Website Design Team

Our Design Team is made up of highly creative Web Design Experts. They continually work on creating custom designed websites that meet evolving usability and Google best practices.

Web Master Team – Go Live

This team is focused on building websites that Google loves and visitors find easy to use. Also, this team is focused on strengthening the site architecture so the website can continue to improve.

Website Quality Assurance Team

This team reviews and analyzes new websites to ensure the website is up to usability and Google standards. This team also ensures the website has minimum bugs and errors.

Website Improvement Team

This team continually improves websites. They apply Influence principles such as Social Proof, Liking and Authority to continue to improve conversions.

Social Media Team – Facebook

Our Facebook team manages and improves your Business Facebook page. They also create and post graphics with your practice branding.

Social Media Team – Instagram

This team works to make the best use of Instagram’s popularity among the younger generation via captivating images and very short videos.

Social Media Team – YouTube

This team works with YouTube. They continually find better ways to leverage the videos we create on behalf of clients.

Newsletter & E Blast Team

This team helps lawyers with large client databases improve their client relationships and drive additional sales.

Video Creation Team

This team creates compelling videos that leverage influence principles to convince people. They combine text, graphics and voice to create short 1 to 3 minute videos that are very powerful.

Graphics Creation Team

A picture says a thousand words. Graphics are very powerful communication tools. They make a great first impression and help convince people. Our designers have advanced expertise in producing highly creative and quality graphics and infographics.

Monthly Reports Team

This team is focused on tracking the key metrics on a monthly basis and sharing it with relevant Dominate Law teams and clients. Dominate Law teams use this information to decide what keywords to target, what landing pages to optimize and what strategies to improve, stop and add. Clients use the report to see where they are at with Dominate Law Marketing at any time.

Tech Support Team

This team manages our servers and services that host our websites, emails and software.

Google Ads Management Team

This team focuses on leveraging Google Ads (PPC) to drive new client phone calls and leads. This team continually monitors and optimizes ad campaigns to achieve maximum results.

Facebook Ads Management Team

This team focuses on using Facebook Ads to drive client likes and appointments.

Product Teams


This team has built a product that hundreds of lawyers call a Game Changer. GrowMyReviews helps lawyers and other professionals get reviews on popular sites such as Google, Facebook and Yelp. This team also helps lawyers leverage those reviews to improve social proof on websites and social media.


This team combines best in the world video creation capabilities with software to create powerful video testimonials. Clients call a dedicated number to leave an audio review and our team converts it into unique video testimonials.


This team helps clients understand the link between results and marketing spend. Also, it helps clients to improve how they handle phone inquiries.

Internal Teams

Leadership Team

Our vision is to have 1,000 times more impact on the lives of our clients, team members and community. This team is focused on where we want to be as a company one year from now, five years from now and thirty years from now and continually helps us build and improve teams, products and services to help us get there.

People Development Team

This team focuses on hiring, motivating and helping people grow by doing what they love.

Product Innovation Team

This team helps us experiment with new product and service ideas.

Internal Website Team

This team manages and improves Dominate Law and all our product and service websites.

Software Development Team

This team develops and supports all the software products that power our company.

Human Resources Team

This team manages all the traditional human resource needs.

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